What is Aalto Debating Society?

Aalto Debating Society is an Aalto Student Union (AYY) and Business Student’s Association (KY) recognized organisation that seeks to promote persuasive presentation and argumentation skills among Aalto University students. The society also practices for and has participants compete in University Debating tournaments.

We want to engage students in discussing topical issues and thinking critically. We organize workshops and major speaker events to help students present their ideas confidently and persuasively anytime, anywhere and in front of any audience.

Why Debate?

Debating is about engaging through argument and clashing over ideas. It requires critical thinking and the ability to lay out a case clearly in order to convince others of your point of view. This requires analysing the topic, understanding its impacts and the burdens that need to be met in order to justify something. Often, however, there isn’t one correct answer. We see debates every day in academia, politics and between friends over a cup of coffee or around a bar room table.

Debating is however also a competitive activity, with university tournaments most commonly in the British Parliamentary format. Debaters compete in debating, with panels of judges considering the persuasiveness of the arguments put forth by the debaters. Debaters in tournaments have to be able to argue for any side on any case, providing justification and analysis. Debating is a great way to practice critical thinking, learn about a wide array of topics, from philosophy to foreign relations, ethics to international law, sports, art and many more.


Our Achievements

Our society has seen consistent growth since it was established in 2013. We have a regular membership and run weekly events ranging from fun social events to debate skill building and practice.

Within Finland and Internationally, we have made significant achievements that have earned us the respect of being a competitive society. Some recent achievements include tournament breaks at prestigious competitions such as KCL Open and LawSoc IV as well as winning and debating in grand finals in competitions such as Rotterdam Open and Poznan Open.

Aalto Debating Society as an Association

For more information about Aalto Debating Society as an Association, see here.