ADS Events – Privacy Policy

Please note that if you are a minor, we ask you to fill this Personal Data section together with your legal guardian.

§ 1 General information

This Privacy Policy has been last updated 18.6.2021 and is valid from 1.7.2021 explaining as well as clarifying data collection before, during and after Covered Events organised by Debating-yhdistys ry (Aalto Debating Society, ADS, or “the Association”).

A “Covered Event” includes:

  • Helsinki Online Open 2021 Debating Tournament (taking place in Helsinki from 17 July to 18 July 2021)

As long as (personal) data for Covered Events is controlled by ADS, this data is solely administered by ADS. The event is organized under Finnish law.

This Privacy Policy shall not be considered as Terms and Conditions.

§ 2 How ADS administers, collects, stores and forwards data

The data is administered by ADS. If individuals are affiliated with the planning, execution or debrief of the Covered Event, these individuals might be granted access to the debate.

Internal Officers in the sense of this Privacy Policy are the Boards of the Association, the Reg. Officer, the Tab Master, the Convenors, individuals with strong ties to the Association who have a role within Covered Eevnt dealings (e.g. volunteers, members) and Accountants and Auditors of the respective business year.

External Officers in the sense of this Privacy Policy are: Tab officers, CAs, IAs, Equity officers and other judges.

Officers will be briefed on data processing. CAs, IAs as well as other judges are free in their dealings concerning the art of judging. The Association is not responsible for any breach of internal policies or other relevant legislation committed by External Officers.

Data will be collected by and stored on computer systems. During the Covered Event, data might be stored on paper.

ADS makes use of third-party software, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Google Apps (e.g. Docs, Sheets, Forms) for collecting, processing and storing data,
  2. Dropbox for archiving purposes,
  3. Discord and Zoom for communications
  4. Facebook (also Messenger) and WhatsApp for communication which contains no or minimal data and
  5. Tabbycat and related platforms for forwarding data in order to create the tab.

Please beware, the location of stored data and the scope of applicable privacy policies can differ so that data which is stored at Google Inc., Facebook Inc., WhatsApp Inc., Dropbox Inc., or any other third-party service might be stored outside of the EU. Moreover, this data also falls under service providers’ respective Privacy Policies.

In most circumstances data will only be accessed via web services or apps so that the actual data stays on the server (in the cloud) of the service provider. All Officers are aware of the internal no-copy policy. Please be aware that even though data will be accessed over upper stated services, they might be temporarily be stored on the officer’s device. The officers are advised to check and delete temporary data, as well as keeping their devices up-to-date and comply with general IT security standards. The Association is not responsible for breaches which are a result of an External Officer violating internal policies.

Data which is stored on paper will be destroyed within seven (7) days after the Covered Event.

§ 3 The tab

Special provisions have to apply for the tab (collection of ranked competitive tournament data of participants) and its creation. The tab and its creation are crucial for the possibility of conducting tournaments.

For the tab creation which means the collection (during the tournament including results, relative results, speaking orders, composition of rooms with team/team names and first as well as last names, judge names and clashes containing objective or subjective incompatibility of judges with team and/or participants and other necessary information) and the merging of data (first and last name, team name, clashes) during the execution of the tournament specifically then collecting and adding Tournament scores and results into relative tables providing processed data and graphs, Tabbycat will be used. Before the beginning of the tournament, in order to fulfil these purposes, data will be imported to the platforms. The final tab will be publicly available on the internet. A link to the tab will be made public on Facebook.

§ 4 Why ADS collects data?

ADS collects data for the following Reasons:

  1. In order to prepare and conduct the Covered Event, this includes for example (internal) dealings within the association, the organisers, the convener, tab officer, reg. officer, CAs, judges (also IAs), volunteers and if necessary external dealings with you or your association as well as for planning in line with Covered Event’s rules (e.g. n-rules for judges, allocation).
  2. In order to perform the contract you (or in exceptional cases your association) concluded with us, this includes for example receiving and allocating payments, producing documents, and accounting.
  3. In order to comply with legal requirements which among others are: Kirjanpitolaki 1336/1997, Act on the Taxation of Nonresident’s Income (tuloverolaki 1535/​1992),
  4. In order to create the tab, which is a necessary requirement for making a tournament competitive, which is the main purpose of a BP-tournament like Helsinki Open.
  5. In order to make feedback possible, judges are taking either paper-based or digital notes, which will be deleted or anonymized within one month after the Covered Event.
  6. In order to make a round convenient for everyone, all the participants may be asked what their preferred Gender Pronouns are at the beginning of a round which then will be noted down. This information might also be noted on paper-based or digital judge notes (which will be deleted within one month after the Covered Event).

The legal grounds for collection and use of personal data for the reasons stipulated above are fulfilling contractual obligations and legitimate interest of the association.

§ 5 What kind of (personal) data does ADS collect?

Before (the preparation phase), during (the execution phase) and after the Covered Event (here for fulfilling remaining contractual obligations, invoicing (if applicable), correcting the tab and complying with legal and accounting regulations), ADS collects, processes and stores the following (personal) data:

  1. First Name of a participating individual (speaker, judges and others) due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5;
  2. Last Name of a participating individual (speaker, judges and others) due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5;
  3. Email Address of a participating individual (speaker, judges and others) due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 2 and 5;
  4. Institution from which an individual (speaker, judges and others) comes from due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1, 2 and 5;
  5. Country due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1, 2 and 3;
  6. When you are a speaker, your Team Name due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1 and 5;
  7. When you are a speaker – if applicable – your Novice Status due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1 and 5;
  8. Clashes (incompatibility of judges with speakers/teams/institutions) due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1 and 5;
  9. When you are a judge, information about your experience as a judge due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1, 2 and 5;
  10. When you are a paid independent adjudicator, your residential address due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 3;
  11. When you are a paid independent adjudicator, your country of tax residence due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 3;
  12. When you are a paid independent adjudicator, your Taxpayer Identification Number due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 3;
  13. When you are a paid independent adjudicator, your date of birth due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 3;
  14. Bank information (IBAN, BIC, references, amount) due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 2 and 3;
  15. Other information (“Anything else?”) you provide us optionally mostly due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 1-5;
  16. Your given or not given Consents to this Privacy Policy due to applicable data protection law;
  17. Date and time of submission of any form due to Reasons Section 4. Nos. 1 and 2;
  18. Room composition (Teams, Speakers and Judges) of each round due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 5-7;
  19. Speaking orders of each round due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 5-7;
  20. Results (ranking of teams as well as speakers’ performance given in speaker points) of each round due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 5-7, and
  21. Tournament Statistics of all rounds due to Reasons § 4 Nos. 5-7.
  22. Information about your age (above 18 or not) due to Reasons § 1, 2, 3

Other personal information maybe collected and used where you have given explicit consent for such.

§ 6 Your rights

You have the right to request information on your data stored. This request has to be made in writing.

You have the right to ask for correction of your data. This request has to be made in writing.

You have the right to revoke your consent to any part of this Privacy Policy for a Covered Event without any reason. Note that such revoking of consent only effects the processing of your data to the extent that the processing is based on your consent.

Data of which ADS has control will be deleted within the stated deadlines and/or also if your data loses the purpose of collection. You can request the deletion generally in writing. This does not apply for data which needs to be stored because of legal requirements and/or accounting provisions. This does also not apply for data stored on Facebook, WhatsApp and tabbing platforms. Data on Facebook, WhatsApp and tabbing platforms might be stored without time limit, this data is controlled by the respective providers.

You can contact ADS at any time at