Together with Helsinki Debating Society, Helsinki University’s debating society, ADS organizes the annual debating tournament Helsinki Open every spring. Helsinki Open is an international tournament, which is open to all participants. The tournament has attracted debaters from all over Finland, Europe and as far away as the United States and South Africa.

The tournament is the largest international university debating tournament in Finland and one of the largest in Northern Europe, growing every year in both size and prestige. We have proudly cooperated with top-notch companies, such as Boston Consulting Group and Stora Enso, which are happy to encourage debating, as it teaches many of the skills they look for in their future employees.

Tournaments are not just a place to test your ability in a competitive environment, but a chance to meet new, like-minded people. With a highly international participation list, Helsinki Open provides a chance to compete against people with a vast range of experiences and values and to discuss those experiences in an intellectual environment. Helsinki Open has also prided itself with attracting top-level adjudicators ensuring the quality of the tournaments motions and creating an environment that promotes the intellectual pursuit that debating strives for.

Information on Helsinki Open 2021 can be found here.