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Thanks everyone for participating our lastest session!<3 Aalto Debating Society is back to campus! Come and have a taste of debating at our LIVE weekly debate workshop!🤩🎉 Here with great people, unique insights and thought-provoking atmosphere, we offer you basic...

Thanks for participating today! Hyvää ystävänpäivää! Cross-posted from Aalto Debating Society on February 15, 2022 at 03:25PM

What is Aalto Debating Society (ADS)?

Aalto Debating Society is an Aalto Student Union (AYY) and Business Student’s Association (KY) recognized organisation that seeks to promote persuasive presentation and argumentation skills among Aalto University students. The society also practices for and has participants compete in University Debating tournaments.

We want to engage students in discussing topical issues and thinking critically. We organize workshops and major speaker events to help students present their ideas confidently and persuasively anytime, anywhere and in front of any audience.

Why should you consider joining ADS?

  • Weekly debate practice every Thursday at the Väre Building, Aalto .
  • Opportunity to compete in debating tournaments around Europe and the World.
  • Workshops, major speaker events, and socials.
  • A vibrant social community representing people from different disciplines all over the world.

Who can join?

The society is open to any interested debate enthusiasts in the Helsinki and Espoo regions. If you have an interest in public speaking, a desire to argue, or even just want to brush up on your English proficiency ADS is a society at Aalto University worth checking out. Participants at our debates are not always Aalto University students; students at other learning institutions, high schoolers and the otherwise debate interested also debate with us.